Delft, Netherlands, 2000

The Third International Symposium on Tools and Methods of Competitive Engineering (TMCE 2000) was held in Delft, the Netherlands from April 18-21, 2000. It presented a conscious survey on the state-of-the-art of the methodologies and technologies of product design and engineering, and is an outstanding contribution to the development of the related disciplines. Over 150 participants from 18 countries attended this scientific event.

The main focus of the TMCE 2000 symposium and the accompanying workshops was put on competitive product conceptualization, detail design and further development. The symposium presented and discussed the trends in all kinds of product related activities, such as global marketing, product conceptualization, concurrent/collaborative engineering, virtual and physical product modeling, product aesthetics and ergonomics, and development of design support systems based on new paradigms. It also covered the development of enabling tools, such as; VR, GM, FEM, RP, QFD, FMEA, LCA, AID, ISA, PDM.

Best Contribution Awards of TMCE 2000

Senior achievement: Eckart Schnack (Germany). Paper title: A Review About Structural Optimization Concerning Fatigue.

Junior achievement: Kikuo Fujita (Japan). Paper title: Product Variety Optimization Under Modular Architecture.

Sponsors of TMCE 2000

Delft University of Technology
NedCar Product Design and Engineering
The Faculty of Design, Engineering and Production
Delft University Fund
The Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences.


The Royal Institution of Engineers in the Netherlands
The European Society of Concurrent Engineering
The Concurrent Engineering Research and Application Institute.

About the Venue

Delft is known as kennisstad, that is, the city of knowledge. Delft is famous for its University, but also for its pleasant historical center. The original medieval structure is still very recognizable in the old city center. There are fun shops, galleries, pubs and restaurants with outdoor terraces and café boats. Also well worth a visit to the general market on the Markt, the colorful flower market and the flea market with bric-a-brac and antiques along the canals. The collection of the 'Legermuseum' in the old armory the Armamentarium shows the military history of the House of Orange. Delft is renowned all over the world as the city of Delft blue earthenware.