Topics of TMCE2018

The focus theme of the TMCE 2018 Symposium will be: “Implementation, application and utilization of smart systems”. Within this theme, many interesting and important topics are considered, but not limited to, such as:
  • Advancements and technics in smart cities and smart destinations
  • Innovation, design and implementation of smart systems embedded in social context
  • Cyber-physical computing as a foundation for aware and adaptive complex systems
  • Frameworks, technologies and systems for Industry 4.0 and smart manufacturing
  • Designing and validating smart cyber-physical systems and products for complete life cycle
  • Advancements in the technologies and realization of next generation of Internet of (every)things systems
  • Wireless and ad hoc networking and their applications in sustainability-enhancing systems
  • Advanced sensor technologies, sensor networks, and their applications in complex systems
  • Transmission/communication technologies and their application in complex systems
  • Modeling and geometric design, graphics and computational geometry, with applications in competitive engineering
  • Material characterization, numerical modeling in engineering, and integrated and advanced manufacturing
  • Technologies and methodologies for ubiquitous virtual engineering and virtual reality applications
  • Modeling and simulation using multi-physics-based systems
  • Advancements in design and implementation of novel additive manufacturing technologies and systems
  • Innovative application of 3D/4D printing and metal/plastic additive manufacturing systems and strategies for exploring and designing new applications
  • Interaction with multi-scale distributed systems, ubiquitous/pervasive products, and pervasive services
  • Information mining, object retrieval, big data analytics, knowledge synthesis, and agent structures in complex systems and in product development
  • Unsolved problems and issues of competitive engineering at the beginning of the XXI century
  • Engineering issues of using smart materials and structures and sophisticated materialization technologies in sustainable product-service systems
  • Engineering issues of using renewable energy sources and hybrid powering technologies in sustainable product-service systems
  • Engineering issues of information and knowledge structuring, engineering ontology development, and semantic technology applications
  • Technologies and approaches for circular economy, circular product design and sustainable process enhancement
  • Human aspects, and cognitive and emotional engineering of personalized ubiquitous, pervasive and cyber-physical systems
  • Technical environment analysis, distributed collaborative information and knowledge exploration, and ToP- and BoP-orientated product innovation
  • • Competitive engineering education, advanced educational systems, and blended education in the fields of complex systems

TMCE 2018 is opened to industrial designer engineers, engineering designers, managers, product, process and environmental engineers, information and knowledge technology managers, engineering technology managers, quality and process engineers, engineering IT suppliers and vendors, academic researchers and students, technology transfer centers, engineering educators and industrial advisors. Further information about the currently organized symposium and the past events can be found on the web-site of TMCE at The Organizing Committee is waiting for your abstracts and papers! The best contributors will be awarded and selected papers will also be considered for republication in special issues of several international journals as for the earlier symposia.