Budapest, Hungary, 1996

The First International Symposium on the Tools and Methods for Concurrent Engineering was held from 29 to 31 May, 1996, in Budapest, Hungary. It was organized by the Institute of Machine Design of the Technical University of Budapest. Over 144 participants from 13 countries attended this scientific event. The venue of the Symposium was the Central Building of the Technical University of Budapest. The co-chairmen of the TMCE 1996 Symposium were Prof. Dr. Imre Horváth and Prof. Dr. Károly Váradi. The supporting chairman of the Symposium was Prof. Dr János Marosfalvi, director of Institute of Machine Design, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, of the Technical University of Budapest.

Best Contribution Awards of TMCE 1996

Senior achievement: Christian Weber (Germany) . Paper title: What Do We Call a ''Feature'' and What ls Its Use?

Junior achievement: György Vancsay (Hungary). Paper title: Shape Optimization Based on Genetic Algorithm.

Keynote speakers of TMCE 1996

Sándor Botka (H) - Developments in Information Technology in Hungary

Andrew Kusiak (USA) - Concurrent Engineering: A Process Reengineering Perspective

Sadaji Ohkubo (J) - Structural Optimization dealing with Shape, Material and Sizing Variables Subjected to Static and Seismic Loads

Aristides A. G. Requicha (USA) - Tolerance Modeling and Application Programming Interfaces

Sponsors of the TMCE 1996

Hungarian Scientific Society of Mechanical Engineers (GTE)
Society of German Engineers (VDI)
American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)