Manchester, United Kingdom, 1998

Following the success of the 1st International Symposium on Tools and Methods for Concurrent Engineering (TMCE 1996) held at the Institute of Machine Design, Budapest 1996, the 2nd Symposium was held from 21 to 23 April, 1998, at the Manchester Metropolitan University, Manchester, UK. Over 128 participants from 14 countries attended this scientific event. The table of contents of the proceedings are available in PDF format. Unfortunately, the proceedings are sold out.

The focus of the TMCE 1998 symposium and the accompanying workshops was on the presentation and discussion of the new trends in new product development such as; global concurrent engineering and virtual enterprises, the development of enabling tools, such as; QFD, FMEA, LCA, collaborative design supports, intelligent software agents, information and knowledge sharing, and the adoption of such tools and techniques by manufacturing companies.

Best Contribution Awards of TMCE 1998

Senior achievement: Anthony Medland (UK). Paper title: Decision Based Communications in Design.

Junior achievement: Simon Cooper (UK). Paper title: A High-Level Control Mechanism for Managing Conflict Resolution in Concurrent Product Design.

Sponsors of the TMCE 1998

Manchester Metropolitan University, UK
Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands


The Institution of Mechanical Engineers, UK
The European Society of Concurrent Engineering
The Concurrent Engineering Research and Application Institute, USA