Abstract of Presentation

As the current Cyber Revolution continues to progress, industrial enterprises must become astute at recognizing emerging technologies and practices to stay competitive or move ahead of their competition. At the heart of these emerging trends are the adoption of information centric strategies and methods to enhance collaboration while responding to customer requirements in an agile manner.

The emergence of low cost platforms under the ‘Virtual / Mixed / Augmented Reality’ umbrella of smart technologies along with Next Generation ultrafast gigabit networks and Future Internet technologies are transforming the way in which engineers function; other more IT oriented manufacturing organizations are focusing on adopting Internet-of-Things (IoT) and Cyber Physical frameworks and practices to becoming agile while responding to changing conditions both within and outside their organizations.

Some of the challenges in the adoption of such practices are higher initial costs, availability of skilled engineers and the formulation of clear-cut information centric strategic plans to support innovative engineering practices. A major emphasis on cyber security practices to protect collaborative data and information sharing is also required. A summary of these emerging technologies and trends along with the challenges and pitfalls will be addressed in this presentation.