Abstract of Presentation

Smart Systems, Industry 4.0 and volatile markets are key drivers of today's industrial companies. In order to meet these challenges, there is a need for new basic scientific methods that build the framework for competitive engineering.

Prof. Graessler will propose a new V-Model for Engineering Smart Systems and will give an insight into her industrial experiences of introducing a new Engineering Reference Model into industrial practice. She discusses the work of the Technical Committee GMA 4.10 "Interdisciplinary Product Creation" of VDI. Chaired by prof. Graessler, this Technical Committee was founded in March 2016 in order to create a new release of the VDI guideline 2206 "Design methodology for mechatronic systems". She will illustrate which entrepreneurial ambitions are linked with updating the core reference model of engineering, and which hurdles have to be taken.

Specifically, a suitable reference model empowers engineering in realizing digital business models. Thus, the viewing direction is to be changed from "How can we improve our existing products?" towards "How and with what can we earn money in the future?" and "Which products do we need for this?". Moreover, the entire product life cycle including operating and end-of-life phase shall be considered at individual product level. This emphasizes the viewing direction of Systems Engineering. The new V-Model does not only support classical project management, but also empowers engineers to develop incrementally and iteratively, right down to the minimum viable product.