Abstract of Presentation

Urban areas are the generators of 50% of global economies and accommodate around 50% of the world population. Up to the predictions, in 2050`s 1/3 of the world population will be living in metropolitan areas which also brings many global issues. Trend is to make cities Smart!. Why and how? What do we mean with Smart cities?.

An intelligent city, a sustainable city, liveable city, city full of smart technologies with smart infrastructure and transport utilities, a city of smart citizens, a place for happy citizens who live in?. The most emphasis put on the technological means in smart cities, but what about the non-technical SOFT aspects of the people who live in these cities. We are generating data and information, but how about generating KNOWLEDGE, do we have enough IQ, EQ knowledge to make decisions in our cities? Is it possible to develop self-sufficient and autonomous cities which can create and supply their own needs?

What are the developments in transport, buildings and ICT technologies in Cities of the future? What are the main challenges of cities and how would the future cities look like, how will we live in the coming future? What are the developments in the building sector for self-sufficient and sustainable buildings of cities?