Short Biography

Javier Castany Valeri, Ph.D., Industrial Eng., is Emeritus Professor at the Mechanical Engineering Department of the University of Zaragoza, Zaragoza, Spain.
He was technical Director of the Walthon Weir Pacific company in 1985-1987.
He was the founding partner of the company of engineering and manufacture of molds ICM S.L. in 1986-2003 and of the light alloy smelting company Fundiciones Monreal Global in 2001-2003.
Acted as director and founder of the Plastics Research Group of the University of Zaragoza Taller de Inyección de la Industria de los Plásticos (TIIP), Unit associated with the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) since 1996, founder and president of the Aitiip Technology Centre in 1995-2003.
Corporate Director of Plastics of the multinational Grupo Antolín in 2003-2005. Founder Patron of Moto Engineering Foundation (F.M.E) and the Two Wheels Technical Center in 2009-2012.
Founding Partner of the company of development and manufacture of Motorcycles JOTAGAS in 2009-2012.
Professor of the Masters Advanced Manufacturing Systems and Medical Devices of the Technological Institute of Costa Rica. 2014-2017.
More than 200 projects arranged with companies, 35 projects arranged with Institutions, 60 scientific publications and 45 presentations at conferences.