Dr. Stefan Boschert
Next generation digital twins – Digital dreams and physical realities


The term Digital Twin (DT) has become very popular, appearing for example as one of Gartner top10 technical trends for 2017 and 2018. There it is looked at (in an IoT context) as a digital representation of a real-world entity. The Digital Twin collects all information on the state and usage of physical entities and links it to information on the state of counterparts and provides support reaction to changes, thus adding value to the usage of the entity.

The exclusive focus on the data-mining aspect of the Digital Twin neglects an essential aspect of the original idea of having a digital companion throughout the lifecycle of all entities. The additional knowledge that can be gained from all kind of descriptive and executable models is only partially covered in this view.

In this presentation a Digital Twin concept is introduced covering the complete lifecycle. Using examples of industrial Digital Twin applications with focus on physics-based simulation already realizable solutions will be shown and future opportunities will be discussed