Assoc. Prof. Dr. Zuhal Erden: Bioinspired design methodology for robots: Present and future


Nature is based on the selection and survival of solutions, whose results are effective and sustainable. Therefore, it is a rich source of materials, processes, methods, structures, mechanisms, systems, which inspire to foster engineering creativity and innovation. Bio inspired design (BID) is an emerging, challenging and pioneering design strategy for the development of robots, which have a significant role in smart engineering systems both today and in the future.

This keynote outlines a general perspective on the use of bio inspired methodology for the design of robots. An overview of the state-of-the art BID research for robot design will be given. The speaker will explain their research on the development and implementation of bioinspired conceptual design (BICD) methodology for robots. The talk will also look at the future role of BID research in shaping robots as smart systems.