Dr. Ehsan T. Esfahani: The bridge between brains and smart robotic/cyber-physical systems


The human robot/automation cooperation is a rapidly growing types of smart systems that focuses on the integration of the implicit knowledge of the human operator with the repeatability and accuracy of the robots/automations. Physical human robot interaction, cooperating teleportation and human-in-the loop learning system are different examples of such systems.

The presentation will tackle two fundamental problems in the smart human-in-the loop systems. The first issue that is the adaptation of the interaction between human and agents to achieve a common goal while minimizing the cognitive or physical burden on the human agents. Second, it will focus on the issue of the integration of human knowledge through demonstration and observation in training smart system. The demonstration approach will be mainly rely on cognitive information extracted from physiological information of the human agents (specifically brain activity and gaze) while interacting with the smart agents.

Dr. Esfahani will conclude his talk with a vision for future direction of the human/automation integration and the few milestones that need to be achieved in brain sciences to address the current knowledge gap in human/automation adaptation and human-in-the loop learning.