The tutorial aims to present details regarding the innovative potential of machatronics for smart and sustainable society development. It is known that mechatronics was born as a technology in the beginning of the eight decade of the last century (1970). The word patented by Yaskawa Electric Cp. in Japan was used to describe the integration of: mechanical engineering-electrical, electronic and telecommunication engineering and computer science engineering.

Today mechatronics is also Philosophy (the integration philosophy);Science of intelligent machines and Environment for smart education, organizational learning and sustainable development. Based on the EU standards the main pillars of the Smart and Sustainable Society’s platforms are: smart governance, smart economy, smart mobility, smart environment and sustainable development, smart living and smart people. Smart people is the result of smart education and organizational learning. Smart education and organizational learning are based on: systems thinking, team work/learning, transdisciplinary thinking complexity and sustainable development understanding. The scientific support of tutorial is the result of the research activities along of a more than a quarter of century (1990-present), of the specialists of the Mechatronic Departments of the technological universities that founded the branch of mechatronics in engineering (11 universities). The world experience in the field of mechatronic technology and education was evaluated. As a result of this effort the National Mechatronic Platform (NMP) was developed.

The NMP is conceived as a “national mechanism of a network structure to activate the human and material resources at all the levels and to ensure the systemic approach of the complex problems regarding smart education , organizational learning and sustainable development in Romania”. Based on this technical and scientific support, the Platform for Smart Education and Sustainable Development will be developed. The specific details are also integrated in the tutorial.

The proposed solutions are useful to get the main objectives of the UN 2030 Project too. As it is known: Mechatronics (the backbone),Cyber Physical Systems(CPS) and Internet of Things (IoT), are the triangle of the 21st century technologies, the foundation of the 4.0 industry.