Prof. Dr. Petra Badke-Schaub: Design methodology in the era of smart systems


This presentation deals with the issue of which way and how much must traditional design methods and methodologies be changed in order to be able to fulfil the new requirements emerging and settling down nowadays. Part of the novel requirements originates in the fact that both engineered products and servicing systems are becoming not only more complex functionally, but also smarter from a behavioural point of view. In the era of smart and self-adaptive systems, it is assumed that part of the design activities should be delegated to the systems themselves, and completed and implemented during run-time.

Due to the fact that we are facing more complex and interconnected systems, which are operating in more dynamic situations, the methodological support of designing faces beforehand not experienced challenges and the design methodological education of designers should be sensitive to the actual design needs of these future system. We need to take into account that the first year students starting their studies now, will face some of these design challenges already in 2025, and will be even more exposed to them afterwards. Many things however cannot be foreseen now. In the, presentation promising and less promising examples will be discussed.